Town of Lincoln brings procurement online with bids&tenders

The Corporation of the Town of Lincoln is now using the bids&tenders eProcurement platform to manage its procurement opportunities. By offering online bid posting and submission, the Town of Lincoln can improve purchasing transparency and make better use of public dollars for improved service delivery and cost efficiency.

The Town of Lincoln is modernizing its procurement to meet the needs of its staff, the community it serves, and its suppliers. By automating labour-intensive processes, streamlining communications, and increasing transparency into opportunities, the town can reduce procurement costs while providing a higher level of communication and convenience to stakeholders. Staff and suppliers can now oversee no-contact procurement projects entirely online, which allows everyone to stay safe and comply with physical distancing restrictions.

Suppliers looking to find their next opportunity with the Town of Lincoln can create an account on the town’s bids&tenders portal to review opportunities and submit responses. Suppliers will receive notifications of relevant new opportunities posted by the City, as well as those from hundreds of other public, private and non-profit organizations using the platform. The automated bid compliancy checker ensures bids are fully compliant before they can be submitted, minimizing the risk of disqualification due to minor errors.