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Crafted by Procurement Professionals, for Procurement Professionals, bids&tenders is committed to helping organizations simplify their procurement process from end to end, entirely online. Our eProcurement essentials package, a robust cloud-based platform, includes the following modules: Bid Management, Online Submissions, Evaluations, Contract Management, and Reporting. As well as access to our supplier network with over 175,000 suppliers!

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The aim of Intake Essentials is to provide all team members within your organization with an effortless way to initiate requests for goods, services, construction, or services related to goods. It's about simplifying the process and enabling your team to focus on what they do best. Whether you're requesting office supplies or embarking on a major construction project, Intake Essentials will get things started quickly and efficiently.

This is an image of the Intake dashboard

Bid Management

Create and post bids onto your branded self-service public portal or send invitations to prequalified suppliers. Configure projects from a template or customize your own and then manage your team members, supplier meetings and notifications, and more.


  • Create and post projects effortlessly, whether public or invitation only onto your branded procurement portal.
  • Opportunities will also be centralized on our main supplier opportunity page, and interested suppliers will receive notifications about new opportunities in their field.
  • Efficiently configure projects using templates or start from scratch.
  • Manage your procurement team members, project meetings, supplier notifications, questions, addenda and more.
  • Post unofficial results online, instantly!

Online Submissions

Manage registered suppliers, supplier questions, and electronically receive submissions securely in one central platform. The compliance checker ensures only compliant bids are submitted for evaluation.


  • Electronically receive submissions securely in one central and auditable online platform on time - no more late bids!
  • Compliance checker ensures only compliant bids are submitted for review - no wasted time reviewing and rejecting non-compliant submissions.
  • Within seconds of the bid closing, your bid analysis report is ready. The report combines submission data into one standardized spreadsheet and automatically provides calculations to determine which bidder(s) offers the best value.
  • Award projects (in whole or in parts), store documentation, send out award notices or reject letters, and post your award results online.


Set up evaluation templates and provide access to online evaluations for your reviewers. Expedite the process with automatic bid analysis and digital scorecard tools.


  • Set up evaluation template(s) and provide access to online evaluations for your reviewers!
  • The evaluation process is fully automated from start to finish.
  • Each evaluator has a dedicated dashboard for managing evaluations.
  • Streamlined conflict of interest disclosure, acknowledgement of evaluator instructions, completion of evaluations, and scoring submission.

Award Projects

Award projects to suppliers and store associated documentation and integrate with contract management functions.

Contract Management

Manage contracts, expiry notifications, purchase orders, change orders, insurance certificates and other associated documentation online.


  • Import existing contracts into bids&tenders.
  • Execute contracts/agreements electronically online and upload relevant documents including Duly Executed Agreements, Purchase Orders, change orders, insurance certificates, and more.
  • Create contracts from scratch, a template, or replicate existing projects.
  • Suppliers manage expired documentation online through the contract portal.

Reporting & Dashboard

Easily track and manage spend, team resource loading, and upcoming project tasks to optimize your procurement processes.


  • Easily track and manage project status, budget, no-bid responses, supplier questions, and more.
  • Build custom reports or utilize the Report Library.
  • Create personalized dashboard views for individual responsibilities.
  • Access the online supplier database, including Certified Diverse Suppliers and Emergency Suppliers.
  • View and/or download history of supplier reports associated to your organization.

Compliance and Security

bids&tenders ensures compliance with trade agreements and legislative requirements. Exceeding standards set out in the AODA, ADA, WCAG 2.0, PCI, ISO 27001, BPS, CETA, CFTA, DDoS protection, and bank grade data encryption. Trusted by government agencies, local professionals, and industry experts.

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