Simplify Your Engineering and Construction Procurements

Consulting projects often involve a variety of contractors, making it challenging to track supplier performance and contracts. With bids&tenders, you can post, evaluate, and procure for all your projects, while keeping track of contractors during the project.

Key bids&tenders benefits

Source with assurance

Developed by procurement experts and relied upon by engineering & construction companies. Our platform is designed to ensure suppliers can easily submit 100% compliant bids. This simplifies the process to navigate procurement seamlessly from start to finish.

Permissions control

Set up and manage user permissions for each project.

Revolutionize contract management

Ditch the manual Excel document tracking and automate online tracking. There's nothing more frustrating than missing a contract expiry or renewal, bids&tenders ensures you'll never miss a critical date again.

Minimize yearly expenses

Our eProcurement platform is set up to attract more bidders leading to competitively priced bids for your projects. On average, clients save 10-20% of their annual procurement spend.

Read how bids&tenders helped Associated Engineering Saskatchewan move their procurement from cumbersome paper processes to eProcurement, to the benefits of both their team and their suppliers.

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