Maintain Compliance with eProcurement

Keeping track of procurements and ensuring all your suppliers meet strict local guidelines can be burdensome. Switching to an eProcurement platform can help to ensure suppliers are compliant, making it easier for auditors to review procurements.

bids&tenders was developed for public sector procurement by former government procurement professionals. By partnering with municipalities, we have tailored our eProcurement solution to help government agencies.

  • Access more qualified suppliers to increase bid competitiveness
  • Level the playing field for local and diverse suppliers
  • Automatically notify suppliers of bid opportunities, changes, addenda, and results
  • Eliminate the need for paper submissions, in-person bid document pick-up, document storage, mailed results, and Excel spreadsheets
  • Keep easily auditable and transparent records of submissions, evaluation, awards, and contracts
  • Save time and money to make better use of public funds

Key bids&tenders benefits

Email templates

Save time by setting up customized email templates. Allow the platform to send out email notifications, award letters and more.

Contract administration

Out with Excel document tracking, in with automated online tracking. There's nothing more detrimental than overlooking a contract expiry or renewal date. bids&tenders ensures you never miss a crucial date again.

Time and cost efficiencies

Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and paper-based submissions. Reduce your procurement time by 35% by moving everything online with bids&tenders.

Easily auditable

Ensuring your procurements are auditable is important for every government level. With bids&tenders, you'll be able to see all your procurements, evaluations, scores, and comments from one centralized dashboard, making it easy to export information for auditors.

With bids&tenders, the City of Tamarac is now set up to achieve the City's ambitious goals more quickly and easily than ever before, all while making sure their operations are efficient, cost effective, and transparent.

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