Keep Education and School Procurements on Track

Whether you are procuring for teaching supplies or construction projects, bids&tenders can simplify and streamline your procurement process.

Key bids&tenders benefits

Procure with confidence

Crafted by experts in procurement and relied upon by suppliers, our platform is designed to ensure suppliers can easily submit 100% compliant bids, making it easy to move procurement processes from initiation to completion.

Contract management

Say goodbye to Excel document tracking and embrace automated online tracking. Missing a contract expiry or renewal deadline is a thing of the past. With bids&tenders, you'll never miss a key date again.

Full control

Provide permission to a multitude of internal clients with the ability to create and manage user permissions for each project, ensuring efficient management across your organization.

Save time and money

Bid farewell to time-consuming processes and paper-based submissions. With bids&tenders, everything will be moved online, saving you valuable time. In fact, our clients consistently experience a 35% reduction in procurement timelines.

With bids&tenders, TLDSB has been able to increase bid competitiveness by more than 3 times, reduce cost of goods and services by 20% and reduce the amount of time it takes to review submissions by weeks. Learn more about how TLDSB was able to achieve such great results.

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