Ensure Procurement Resiliency by Making the Switch to eProcurement

Procuring for major infrastructure projects for your utility company can be a time-consuming task, By switching to an eProcurement solution, you will be able to post and evaluate an unlimited number of procurements, saving you valuable time!

Key bids&tenders benefits

Source securely

Developed by seasoned procurement professionals and endorsed by suppliers, our eProcurement platform is designed to facilitate suppliers in effortlessly submitting 100% compliant bids ensuring a smooth procurement process from start to finish.

Access control

Provide permissions with the ability to have full access control and create and manage user permissions for each project.

Managing contracts and renewals

Stop tracking contract expires and renewals in Excel and missing important deadlines. Move to bids&tenders eProcurement system and automate notifications and reminders. You will never miss a deadline again!

Reduce procurement cost

bids&tenders users save up to 20% on their annual procurement spend with improved efficiencies, increased bidders, and competitivity.

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