Calculating the ROI of an eProcurement Platform

For many organizations, making the switch to a new technology boils down to a cost-benefit analysis. Innovations that are costly to implement may not be worth the investment. An eProcurement platform that is inexpensive to implement, built for organizations like yours by a trusted partner, and designed to save time and money across the procurement process can deliver a high return on investment. 

You'll learn how to calculate: 

  1. Cost of time wasted on inefficient processes
  2. Costs related to poor procurement & contract administration procedures
  3. Cost of reduced competition
  4. Cost of an eProcurement platform & implementation
  5. The return on investment (ROI) of an eProcurement platform

Once you've calculated the costs using this handy guide, you'll see that an eProcurement platform can pay for itself - often many times over, and sometimes on just one procurement! Download this resource today to see how!