How bids&tenders supports our clients

We strive to help our clients bring their entire procurement process online into one streamlined platform. An important part of that goal is ensuring that our clients and their suppliers are supported throughout the entire process, every time. This doesn’t just mean training videos or a quick walk-through – we support our clients with services and information above and beyond the platform’s instructions.

Dedicated implementation team

Our implementation team includes procurement professionals who have been in your shoes. They know the answers to your questions because they’ve likely asked them at some point. Your dedicated Project Manager will tailor your bids&tenders implementation to meet your needs. Need to be online in a week? We can do that for you. Need a longer implementation involving change management, procurement policy or bylaw changes, key stakeholders, and customizations? We can do that too.

From signing the paperwork to posting your first opportunity, your PM will be there every step to guide you through the implementation. Once your implementation is over, your PM and the support team will continue to be available to help with any questions you have.

Platform training

Implementation includes training on all the individual modules and the functionality of the platform. You’ll also receive training each time you activate an eProcurement essential module or an enhancement. Training sessions are recorded for you to refer back to as needed.

Community Hub

Community Hub is the bids&tenders one-stop shop for training resources. We have video and text resources on every aspect of the platform, perfect for quick refreshes or onboarding a new team member. There’s also space for clients to ask questions or make product suggestions.

Bite-size training sessions

Project Managers also offer regular bite-size training sessions on each module. These 30-minute or 1-hour sessions walk through platform modules, with a client Q&A at the end. These sessions are done to answer frequently asked questions, introduce a new or improved functionality, or train on recently added modules. During these sessions, PMs will also provide updates on the roadmap, including what items to look forward to in our next release.

Procurement resources

Beyond the scope of the bids&tenders platform, our team is committed to helping clients improve their procurement processes. For example, our 2021 Digital Speaker Series features guest speakers on debrief processes, trade agreements, and surety bonds. These sessions are designed to help clients improve their understanding of issues facing procurement professionals today. We also offer a number of free resources on topics such as “How to write an effective RFP” or “5 tips for being more strategic in your procurements.”

Continuous platform updates

No matter how great a product is, improvements can always be made. Whether it’s a totally new module that brings a missing piece of the procurement process online, or a simple change that makes clients’ lives easier, we are constantly updating bids&tenders. Our consistent release schedule and constant solicitation of client feedback ensure we’re never resting on our laurels. Our product road map and priorities are often the direct result of buyer organization input. We listen to our clients, research the needs of prospective clients, read RFPs, and attend industry sessions to ensure we’re keeping bids&tenders up to date to meet your needs.

User groups

Throughout the year we host several user groups and networking sessions for clients to speak more informally about what they’d like to see from bids&tenders going forward. The main session, bids&tendersfest, takes place in October of each year, where we present key statistics, new features and enhancements, and our priorities for the coming year. We aren’t shy about presenting our product roadmap! Many of the improvements we implement are a direct result of client feedback at these sessions or through our Community Hub.

Support for suppliers

Your suppliers are our clients too, and we are pleased to support them in the transition to bids&tenders. Suppliers have access to our support agents by phone or email for assistance with signing up, using the platform, or any issues they have. Since our support team can access the back-end for every buyer organization, they are able to troubleshoot issues quickly so suppliers don’t miss the submission deadline.

I love supporting our suppliers, especially the smaller mom & pop shops who may not be used to the technology. Showing them how easy it can be, hearing them say that it’s so much easier to submit bids this way, makes it all worthwhile.
Tier 1 Support Manager, bids&tenders

Supplier outreach

In order to improve uptake on your opportunities and ensure your suppliers know where to find you, we provide services to help communicate your move to bids&tenders. This includes email outreach, website and social media announcements, walk-throughs on how to sign up, and support resources. Clear communication with step-by-step instructions and direct links ensures suppliers will never miss your opportunities.

Supplier information sessions

One of our most important forms of outreach is our supplier information sessions. Along with regular meetings that suppliers can attend, and recordings they can watch at their convenience, we offer our buyer organizations a branded information session for their suppliers. Suppliers are invited to a live demonstration of bids&tenders, starting at the buyer organization’s supplier portal. Account executives go step-by-step through the sign-up process, demonstrate how suppliers will receive notifications, fill out and submit a bid, and highlight key features of the platform. They can then participate in a live Q&A. Suppliers often follow along with the demonstration in real time, and are signed up and bidding by the end of it! bids&tenders can handle the hosting and communication for the event, so all you have to do is wait for submissions to come in.

Bringing it all together

To summarize, providing a leading eProcurement platform isn’t nearly good enough for bids&tenders. The entire bids&tenders team is committed to doing procurement better, which means making sure your organization is using the platform to its fullest capability, has the resources and tools you need, and can access a wide network of suppliers comfortable using the platform. With these pieces, we believe your organization can truly bring your entire procurement process online.

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