Myths & facts about switching to eProcurement

Implementing a new procurement system or process will have its difficulties, but there’s no reason these can’t be overcome with proper planning, the right team, and the right technology powering your transformation. When determining if eProcurement is the right fit for your organization, it’s important to recognize the difference between legitimate obstacles to overcome, and myths that could deter you unnecessarily.

Consider these objections - do you think they're myths or facts? 

  1. An eProcurement system is expensive
  2. Suppliers don't want to submit to an eProcurement system
  3. Implementing eProcurement is time-consuming
  4. Data security is a concern
  5. eProcurement systems are difficult to manage
  6. Employees don't want or need to change systems

This paper addresses each of these points, and helps show you which concerns are real and which are easily discredited. Download this resource today to see how!


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