Province of Ontario partners with bids&tenders

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Province of Ontario partners with bids&tenders to provide Ontario Public Service Entities the ability to sync with CanadaBuys Procurement Portal

[Waterloo, ON] – Government procurement practices in Canada are governed by rules and regulations that aim to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability and are governed by domestic and international trade agreements. As a result, provincial agencies must send all bid opportunities to the Province through Supply Ontario to ultimately be posted on the CanadaBuys website.

To help Ontario Public Service Entities stay compliant, Supply Ontario has partnered with bids&tenders to offer a simple way to send bid notices to the Province of Ontario. By doing so, Ontario Public Service Entities who are using the bids&tenders platform can quickly sync their projects via the SPAROn sync feature to ensure compliance and to have their bids reported on CanadaBuys.

This new feature will also help Public Service Entities of Ontario stay compliant with both the Canada Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) by ensuring transparency and the ability for suppliers outside the region to view and submit bids.

“We thank bids&tenders for their partnership with Supply Ontario to make it easier for their customers to share bid information with the Province of Ontario,” said Jackie Korecki, Chief Supply Chain Operations Officer for Supply Ontario.

For over 20 years bids&tenders has been providing digital procurement solutions that offer organizations a way to simplify their procurement processes by moving away from paper-based systems.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Province of Ontario as our Ontario clients have been asking for a way to be in compliance with the requirement to publish all tenders covered under CETA on CanadaBuys, without having to duplicate their efforts on two systems,” states Ali Carden, Global Practice Director, Products and Platform.

Media Contact: Christine Wood, Senior Product Manager

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