Actions Speak Louder Than Policy: Renewables, Sustainability and Transparency Panel Discussion

Our panelists discuss topical issues affecting procurement professionals today:

  • Michael Killeavy is an Executive Advisor with Power Advisory LLC, presenting on "Greening your Business: The Move to Procure Renewable Energy Sources by Private & Public Sector Organizations."
  • William Mocsan is the Senior Procurement and Fairness Consultant with Lakeland Consulting and President of Wm. Mocsan Consulting Inc., presenting on "The Importance of Fairness & Transparency in Procurement."

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About Michael Killeavy

Michael Killeavy is an Executive Advisor with Power Advisory. He is the former Director, Contract Management at the OPA/IESO Michael was responsible for the entire ~30,000 portfolio of OPA/IESO generation contracts as well as the Energy Support programs. Since joining Power Advisory he has advised clients on contractual and commercial matters, undertaken due diligence for investors, prepared financial models for power projects, advised clients on integrating contracts into markets in Ontario. Michael has a B.A. Sc. from the University of Toronto and M. Eng. degree in civil engineering from McMaster University, an M.B.A. from McMaster University and an Honours LL.B. from Nottingham Law School in the UK.



About William Mocsan

Mr. Mocsan is a Senior Consultant at Lakeland Consulting Inc. and the President of Wm. Mocsan Consulting Inc. His work experience spans 38+ years and includes a combination of private sector consulting and public sector administration, finance, and management. 

Mr. Mocsan is a leading authority on the provision of fairness services including Fairness Commissioner, Fairness Advisor and Fairness Monitor.  He also provides expert advice of all aspects of public procurement including project lead; procurement strategist; procurement risk assessments, RFP author; evaluation methodology specialist, gaming analysis, post mortem reviews, dispute resolution, mediation and business process reviews. 



Mr. Mocsan is a well-regarded member of the procurement community and is considered a leader and innovator in the provision of fairness services. His list of clients includes most large municipalities in Ontario, a number of municipal agencies, Ontario provincial ministries and agencies, federal ministries and agencies, as well as hospitals, colleges, universities and school boards. 

His resume includes more than 340 fairness assignments, 100 major procurement projects and a total of more than 500 assignments for the public and broader public sector.  The value of his procurement and fairness work is in excess of $20B.

Mr. Mocsan has published articles on fairness in municipal procurement in Municipal World and Caveat Emptor.

Presented in partnership with Power Advisory LLC, Lakeland Consulting Inc., and Mocsan Consulting Ltd.