How it works

The bids&tenders eProcurement solution was designed by procurement professionals, for procurement professionals, as a single end-to-end procurement solution. 

eProcurement essentials

bids&tenders is committed to helping organizations manage their procurement processes, from end to end, entirely online. Our essentials package is a fully functional cloud-based eProcurement platform that will streamline Bid Management, Online Submissions, Evaluations, Contract Management, and Reporting. For additional features, check out our eProcurement extras

Bid Management

Create and post public or invitation-only projects onto your branded procurement portal. These opportunities will also be centralized on our main supplier opportunity page, and interested suppliers will receive notifications about any new opportunities in their field. 

  • Configure your projects from templates or from scratch
  • Manage your procurement team members, project meetings, supplier notifications, questions, addenda and more
  • Post unofficial results online, instantly!


Online Submissions

Electronically receive submissions securely in one central and auditable online platform on time – no more late bids! The bids&tenders compliance checker ensures only compliant bids are submitted for review, so no time is wasted reviewing and rejecting non-compliant submissions.

Within seconds of the bid closing, your bid analysis report is ready. This report combines every submission’s data into one standardized spreadsheet, even doing calculations for you to determine which bidder(s) offers the best value.

Award projects, in whole or in parts, and store associated documentation within the platform. Send out award notices, rejection letters and post your award results online!


  • Set up evaluation template(s) and provide access to online evaluations for your reviewers
  • The evaluation process is fully automated from start to finish
  • Each evaluator receives their own dashboard for managing evaluation projects
  • For each evaluation, evaluators can disclose a conflict of interest, acknowledge evaluator instructions, complete evaluations, and submit scoring electronically

Contract Management

Agencies using contract management can:

  • Import existing contracts into bids&tenders
  • Execute your contracts/agreements electronically online
  • Upload relevant documents, including Duly Executed Agreements, Purchase Orders, change orders, insurance certificates and more
  • Create contracts from scratch, a template, or copy an existing project
  • Create contracts from a bids&tenders sourcing event (e.g. a successful RFP)

Suppliers can manage their expired documentation completely online through the contract portal.


Reporting & Dashboard

  • Easily track and manage project status, project budget, no-bid responses, supplier questions, summary statistics, upcoming tasks and more
  • Build custom reports or use the Report Library of existing reports
  • Build custom dashboard views specific to an individual’s responsibilities
  • View the supplier database online, including Certified Diverse Suppliers and Emergency Suppliers
  • View or download reporting on the history of suppliers associated to your organization

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eProcurement extras

For those agencies interested in increased platform functionality and procurement efficiency, we offer additional modules and services that work seamlessly with the base package. 

Speak to your account executive about which enhancements are of interest to you. If you're already a bids&tenders client, you can request to activate these enhancements at any time.

Award Approval Workflow

For a limited time, bids&tenders customers can trial the full experience of the Award Approval module for free and discover these benefits: 

  • Save time by routing your award approval through bids&tenders
  • No need to worry about lost or misplaced reports on approvers desks!
  • Use the system generated award summary report to get your approval started right away! 


Contract Builder with DocuSign

Contract Builder with DocuSign allows organizations to build contracts within the system and authorize them with digital signatures. 

Organizations using eSignatures can:

  • Upload existing contract documents (Word, PDF, Excel. etc.)

  • Assign a signature workflow for digital signatures

  • Automated notifications delivered to recipients on signing status

  • Reminder emails can be sent to workflow recipients

  • Customizable options to add to documents, like drop down fields, check boxes, initials, date/time stamps, etc.



Supplier Performance

The Supplier Performance module helps you manage the performance of contracted suppliers and understand how well they are performing. Organizations using Supplier Performance can:

  • Create and design templated supplier evaluation forms
  • Circulate evaluations through an automated workflow
  • Calculate a score
  • Choose whether to provide that feedback to suppliers
  • Flag suppliers with a status, such as banned, suspended, or in litigation



Open Data Feed

Many public sector organizations have a commitment to providing open and transparent access to data across their departments, particularly given federal, state/provincial, and municipal legislation granting citizens access to information. 

The bids&tenders Open Data Feed provides organizations with an access point to their open, planned, and closed/awarded projects. Using an API, organizations can pull this data to make it accessible online. 



Single Sign-On Integration

Streamline your bids&tenders login with single sign-on (SSO) integration. We can integrate with your existing system to mitigate risk and reduce password fatigue for your staff.

Compliance and security

We make it easy for you to comply with the latest trade agreements and legislative requirements. We work with different levels of government, legal professionals, and other industry experts to ensure that we exceed standards set out in the AODA, ADA, WCAG 2.0, PCI, ISO 27001, BPS, CETA, CFTA, DDoS protection, and bank grade data encryption.

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