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Supplier Performance

The purpose of the Supplier Performance add-on is to improve communication between your organization and your suppliers throughout the project. This helps to build relationships with suppliers, mitigate legal/contractual risks, and ensure suppliers are meeting their contractual obligations. 

    • Create evaluation templates that can be easily completed and circulated using automated workflows
    • Complete custom, scheduled, and final evaluations based on project dates
    • Track and audit evaluator activity
    • Choose what feedback suppliers receive, and when
    • Calculate a performance score, view current and past evaluations, for your registered suppliers
    • Flag suppliers as banned, suspended, in litigation, etc. 
    • Handle supplier comments and appeals with total transparency, online
    • Report on supplier performance and export data as needed

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Do you need a supplier performance management strategy?  Check out our on-demand webinar, "Supplier Performance & Management", to learn why a supplier performance management strategy is vital to successful procurement and contract management processes, and can help prevent a lot of headaches. Watch the session