AE Saskatchewan moves from paper to digital procurement


Associated Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian consulting company, specializing in planning, engineering, environmental science, landscape architecture, and project management. The Saskatchewan office has approximately 150 employees, 30 of whom are dedicated to purchasing and procurement. In completing projects for municipal and provincial governments, AE issues 30-40 bids annually to source materials and services.


Prior to implementing bids&tenders, AE advertised its opportunities in local newspapers. Registering for opportunities required a deposit, and contractors had to pick up the hard copy bid documents from the office.

The paper-based process was cumbersome, and newspaper advertisements did not always yield the best results. Attempts to track registrations, contractor deposits, documentation and more in Excel spreadsheets helped, but still required significant administrative time.


AE Saskatchewan recognized the need for a solution, and turned to eProcurement. Along with allowing for online bid documents and submissions, the system needed to eliminate the administrative burdens of paper processes and spreadsheet tracking.

We wanted something that was easy for staff and suppliers to use. Whatever we chose had to be widely available so we could access a good network of suppliers in our area. bids&tenders was able to meet those needs.
Marvin Loewen
Senior Project Manager


Since implementing bids&tenders, AE finds tendering much easier. The amount of time it takes to post and award projects has decreased. Compliance rates are also up, thanks to the bids&tenders compliance checker. AE had some initial concerns that suppliers would have difficulty with the new process, but most were already familiar with eProcurement and there were very few complaints.

We’ve been most impressed with the time savings. Implementation was fairly easy, and after training, staff were able to adapt quickly to the new system.
Marvin Loewen
Senior Project Manager

Overall, bids&tenders has made Associated Engineering’s procurement process easier, faster, and more efficient for the team and their suppliers. The firm has since brought two other locations, AE Alberta and AE Manitoba, online with bids&tenders as well! 

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