The City of Mount Pearl adopts digital procurement system to improve purchasing transparency and productivity


The City of Mount Pearl is now using the bids&tenders digital procurement platform to help purchasing staff better meet public expectations for accountability, improved service delivery and cost efficiency.

Responsible for delivering an expanding portfolio of public services to a growing community, the City is helping purchasing staff save valuable administrative time and resources, automate reports, streamline procurement, and reduce the risk of liability by using the platform.

The bids&tenders eProcurement platform will improve Mount Pearl’s ability to manage upcoming modernization projects and new construction, while ensuring they provide value to the public. With bids&tenders, staff and suppliers now have the ability to oversee procurement projects entirely online, minimizing the need for in-person interactions, which allows everyone to stay safe and comply with physical distancing restrictions.

Suppliers looking to find their next opportunity with the City of Mount Pearl can create an account on the bids&tenders portal to review and submit responses to requests for information (RFI), requests for quotations (RFQ), requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for tenders (RFT). Suppliers will receive notifications of relevant new opportunities posted by the City, as well as those from hundreds of other public, private and non-profit organizations using the platform. The automated bid compliancy checker ensures bids are fully compliant before they can be submitted, minimizing the risk of disqualification due to minor errors.

About the City of Mount Pearl

Home to a growing population of 23,000 people, the City of Mount Pearl is the second-largest City in Newfoundland and Labrador. Mount Pearl is located in close proximity to the province’s capital, St. John’s, making it an ideal home for new business developments and entrepreneurs.