What is an eProcurement system and why should I implement one?

Reviewing bids that don’t meet mandatory requirements. Manually tracking long-term contracts and optional terms. Calling vendors to provide up-to-date documents every 90 days. What about storing thousands of binders and pages? If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider implementing an eProcurement system.

If your company is using a time-consuming and labour intensive procurement process, an eProcurement system can help you gain more efficiency and time back. These digital platforms bring every aspect of purchasing and supplying goods and services online to deliver fully compliant, complete bids every time. Plus, digital procurement puts the control in your hands with solutions that are custom-tailored to follow your company’s templates, processes and preferences.

But a leading eProcurement platform, like bids&tenders, does more than simply collect potential bids – it provides an end-to-end solution for every step of your procurement process. Whether you’re a buyer or a supplier, you can save time and cut unnecessary costs by transitioning to eProcurement.

Benefits for buyers

For buyers, eProcurement transforms the purchasing process by eliminating paper, ensuring every bid received is complete and compliant, and removing any conflict or discrepancy behind bid closing and acceptance, all in one centralized location. An eProcurement platform allows buyers at your company to: